Thursday, May 10, 2012

Payton Jordan Invite - A Not Good Enough PR

                Urg. I had a great opportunity to run fast at Payton Jordan meet at Stanford.  Perfect weather.  Fast people to run with.  A long taper.  My dad, uncle, cousin, coach, and teammates cheering me on.  But, for some reason, I did not feel well from the gun.  Although I was able to hit the pace I wanted for the first 4.5 laps, my legs were heavy.  I fell off a lot the next two laps, and ended up tying my personal record of 10:02.  I am currently 25th on the steeplechase list for Olympic Trials, and 24 athletes are accepted.  I went into the race believing I could run in the low 9:50’s, so I was not happy with the result. 

                I am going to race on May 19th, at the Oxy High Performance Meet.  Once again, it should be a great opportunity, and I hope I can race up to my expectations this time.

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