Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feeling Good!

I am so excited to compete at the Trials this week.  I have never felt so good this late in the season.  In college I always felt burned out by June.  I felt pretty good last year, but I was still adjusting to the intensity of professional training.  But, I can tell my legs are ready to go for this week.  I felt like I was flying during my last two steeplechase work-outs, and I had to hold back a little bit.  I hope everything comes together, and my body and mind are able to go on Monday for prelims. 

I’ve been doing a good job of staying calm during the past few days, but now that I’ve landed in Portland, I’m getting nervous.  I’ll have to keep myself busy so I’m not worrying about the race.  It shouldn’t be a problem with so many cool runners to hang out with.
Check out with this article on, 'Olympic Dreams - Jamie Cheever.'

Friday, June 15, 2012

Staying Busy Through Dark Days

I thought I would be able to get so much done in my time at home before trials, but I am still feeling overwhelmed.  Even though I am tapering, doing all the small things to get prepared for a big event does take a long time: trying to sign up for Trials as being sponsored by both Team USA MN and Oiselle, buying 18 pound bags of ice at the grocery store for icing, and getting lots of sleep.  Also, having to spend a lot of emotional energy coming to terms with the ending of a 3-year relationship has been difficult the past couple of weeks.  My sex offense and offenders class has not made things any brighter – this week we are studying sexual violence against children and offenders of those crimes.

A few highlights of my week:

1.       Patricia Weaver Francisco came to the Ramsey Country SOS support group as a special guest.  She wrote, ‘Telling,’ an account of her rape and her recovery from the trauma.  The book was the first account of a personal experience of rape, when she published the book in 1994.  She brought so much positive energy to the group because she had gone through a horrific incident, like everyone else in the room and had gone through 10 hard years before she could celebrate her survival.  She encourages victims to tell other people they feel comfortable with about their experience, in order to create a more vocal and supportive culture for survivors.

2.       When I got home from Indiana, I had a box full of beautiful running clothes, given to me by Oiselle, to wear at Trials.  I was smelly and stiff after driving 10 hours back from Indianapolis with the Yetzer family on Sunday night, but the first thing I did was tear open the box with my parents, and try on all the clothes.  My favorites are the Boise Bra (so soft), the Lesley Knickers (capris are my favorites), and the Happy Hoodie (so cute).

3.       Being reminded of my parents love and support for me in Trials and in life.  Even though they strongly oppose me buying a puppy pug. 

4.       Dinner at the Yetzer house last night.  Such good food and beautiful company. 

Back to homework!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Indianapolis Finale

Another racing update: I ran a 1500m on Saturday night in Indianapolis, and I got a PR!  I ran a 4:19.3.  I was hoping to run a little quicker, and to beat my steeplechase competitors in the race, but I can’t complain about a setting a personal best. 

We were supposed to have a rabbit in the race going through the 800m in 2:12, but when we got to the line to start the race, the rabbit had not showed up to the track yet.  I thought the pace would still be quick, but the runners who took control of the race the first couple laps took us through the 400m in 69 and the 800m in 2:18.  I took the lead after the 800m, and put in a surge to get the race going.  For my effort, I kept getting my heels stepped on by some stinkers.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t hold onto the lead, and I was passed by a few runners in the last lap.  I fought back the last 100m, and finished fourth overall.  Elizabeth Yetzer ran the 1500m as well, but was frustrated with running a 4:20 for the third race in a row.  I know she can get down to the low teens once everything comes together.

                Elizabeth’s parents drove from Minnesota to watch the race, and now we are driving back through the Midwest to get home.  Unfortunately, not much battery left on the computer since I’ve been trying to get some homework done on the computer.

Icing after Wednesday Race with Elizabeth

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Running My Wheels Off

Well, I ran 209.7 the hard way.  I went out in a 60 or 61 second 400m, and then finished with a 69 second 400m.  I felt like I had run my wheels off.  A 60 second 400m shouldn't be that hard, but it is just hard going back down to such a short distance when Coach Dennis is having me work-out with the 5k and 10kers.  I could run a 2:09 as a college a season opener.  However, I had a lot of fun, and it was a beautiful night to run; about 60 degrees with no wind.  I was especially happy to have some friend’s cheering: Elizabeth’s boyfriend Dan, and her sister, Annie.  They drove 10 hours to watch the race, and then turned about and drove 10 hours home today.  I also got to race with a couple Run Pro Camp attendees: Mary Kate Quiett and Devotia Moore, who are both rocking the 800m this season as first-year professional runners.  Travis Berkstrand from the University of Minnesota and Mike Hutton from St. Thomas University ran the men’s 800m.  Mike set a new PR, and unfortunately, Travis had to stop after running an awesome first 600m because someone stepped on spike and it came off.  Boo.
This morning, Elizabeth, Annie, Dan, and I got breakfast at a cute restaurant, Creation CafĂ©, which overlooks the canal in downtown Indianapolis.  Afterwards we ran, napped, and then got food and had a picnic while listening to a live jazz band on the canal.  It was a beautiful evening, and so fun to explore a new city with a friend.

Indiana 800m

I’m Indianapolis for the week to get in a couple of fast tune-up races before Olympic Trials.  The Indiana Invaders Track Club is hosting a two week series of mid-distance races to help elite runners get fast times. 

I’m racing the 800m tonight and the 1500m on Saturday.   I am a bit nervous because I haven’t run an 800m in a long time, since my last year of track eligibility at the University of Minnesota in 2009, when I was part of the 4x800m relay team at Drake Relays.  Even at that meet, I hadn’t run an 800m in a while, although I came into college as an 800m runner.  I remember going out in a 60 second 400m, and closing in a 70 second 400m.  Yikes!  I hope I can run more even splits tonight.
Again, I am very lucky to have a free place to stay for the week.  The Indiana Invaders have a couple of houses, and my training partner, Elizabeth Yetzer, and I are sharing a bed in the living room of a small house.  Kaylie Glen, a sophomore at Oklahoma State, is sleeping in another bed in the living room.  Our host, 800m runner Jarret Newby, just moved in a few days ago, so not everything in the house has found a home yet, and the house is missing a couple helpful pieces of furniture, such as a table.  But we are figuring it out and having an adventure. 

Our Home for the Week
I am happy to be traveling with Elizabeth, who was my roommate this past year at our house-sitting gig.  She is running the 1500m in hopes of qualifying for the Trials.  Kaylie is running the 1500m in order to qualify for the U-23 NACAC Track Meet as a Canadian.