Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feeling Good!

I am so excited to compete at the Trials this week.  I have never felt so good this late in the season.  In college I always felt burned out by June.  I felt pretty good last year, but I was still adjusting to the intensity of professional training.  But, I can tell my legs are ready to go for this week.  I felt like I was flying during my last two steeplechase work-outs, and I had to hold back a little bit.  I hope everything comes together, and my body and mind are able to go on Monday for prelims. 

I’ve been doing a good job of staying calm during the past few days, but now that I’ve landed in Portland, I’m getting nervous.  I’ll have to keep myself busy so I’m not worrying about the race.  It shouldn’t be a problem with so many cool runners to hang out with.
Check out with this article on, 'Olympic Dreams - Jamie Cheever.'

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  1. You rock! I am so impressed with your ability to balance an emotionally challenging career (advocating against sexual violence) and being a world class athlete! You are an inspiration.

    Congratulations! We were all in our basement routing for you and will be there again on Friday. We love you! Linda, Mark, Phyllis, Catherine, Jenna, Jeffrey, Goosey and Emily!