Thursday, June 7, 2012

Running My Wheels Off

Well, I ran 209.7 the hard way.  I went out in a 60 or 61 second 400m, and then finished with a 69 second 400m.  I felt like I had run my wheels off.  A 60 second 400m shouldn't be that hard, but it is just hard going back down to such a short distance when Coach Dennis is having me work-out with the 5k and 10kers.  I could run a 2:09 as a college a season opener.  However, I had a lot of fun, and it was a beautiful night to run; about 60 degrees with no wind.  I was especially happy to have some friend’s cheering: Elizabeth’s boyfriend Dan, and her sister, Annie.  They drove 10 hours to watch the race, and then turned about and drove 10 hours home today.  I also got to race with a couple Run Pro Camp attendees: Mary Kate Quiett and Devotia Moore, who are both rocking the 800m this season as first-year professional runners.  Travis Berkstrand from the University of Minnesota and Mike Hutton from St. Thomas University ran the men’s 800m.  Mike set a new PR, and unfortunately, Travis had to stop after running an awesome first 600m because someone stepped on spike and it came off.  Boo.
This morning, Elizabeth, Annie, Dan, and I got breakfast at a cute restaurant, Creation Café, which overlooks the canal in downtown Indianapolis.  Afterwards we ran, napped, and then got food and had a picnic while listening to a live jazz band on the canal.  It was a beautiful evening, and so fun to explore a new city with a friend.

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