Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brussels in 5 Hours

This trip to Belgium has been awesome because I have had more time and ability to explore the area compared to most track trips.  This has been possible because, first of all, we have a few days between meets.  Second, Belgium has a sweet public transportation system, and I am able to take the train to any city. 

In between Gent and Ninove I spent an afternoon in Brussels with a couple other runners who have met up with the Athletes In Action group I am following around, David Jankowski and Julian de Rubira.   We only got a quick walk of the center part of the city, but we got to see Manneken Pis (statue of a little boy peeing), Jeanneken Pis (statue of a little girl peeing), St. Michael’s church, the grand square, and have a drink at Delrirum, home of 2,000 kinds of beer.  I ordered a cherry kriek beer and some kind of strawberry beer cocktail.  I should have ordered a Delirium tantrum beer though, because it has been voted the best beer in the world, and some other Americans in the bar said they agreed with that statement. 

                                                      Grand Square
                                                            And Beer with Julian and Dave


  1. Hi jamie! I was talking about the olympics to my best friend and she mentioned you! She turns out to be your cousin cheyanne! I've been reading your blog today and will continue to! Not quite sure if you made the olympics this year but I'm rooting for you for the rest of your career!

  2. Thanks Tony! I miss my little cousin. I did not make the London Olympics, but hopefully I will be there in 2016!