Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On to Belgium

I’m sitting in the JFK airport waiting for a flight to Brussels, Belgium.  I’m running four more track races before my season is done (and I get to take a break!).  My plan is to race a 1500m in Kortirjk, a 3000m SC in Gent, and a 1500m in Ninove.  I will then travel to Dublin, Ireland to race a mile on the 25th of July.

I’m nervous.  I ran a couple work-outs in the past week, and I have not been feeling very good.  I can’t tell if my body is not yet used to run in the hotness and high humidity Minnesota experienced last week, or if I am past my peak.  Either way, I hope I can give good efforts for these last races of the season.

I am also anxious because I am traveling alone.  I shouldn’t be as nervous as I am; I had to travel on my own to get to Addis Ababa Ethiopia, where I lived for a couple months.  Most people in Addis Ababa did not speak English, and I did not speak any Ethiopian languages.  But it is still long and lonely.

Ideally on this trip I will be able to set some new PR’s.  Even if that doesn’t happen, this will be good practice for extending my season past the end of June and traveling around Europe.  However I do this year, I hope it will make me more prepared for next year.

Thankfully, I have plans to meet up with fellow steeplechaser Bethany Nickless and some of her buddies.  We were roommates on the United States cross country team trip to Edinburgh, and she is staying in a room with four other women in Leuven.  I was happy to hear they have room for one more person.  I am relieved because I thought I would have to wondering around on my own.  I joined CoachSurfing before I found out about the extra bed space.  Although I got some very nice offers, I’m excited to be with someone I know and have people to run with.

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