Friday, August 3, 2012

Ninove 1500m PR

Yes! I got a personal record out of this trip to Europe.  I ran a 4:17.7 in the 1500m at Ninove.  Like    Gent, I wasn’t sure how the race was going to feel.  My foot was hurting so badly after my steeple in Gent, I wasn’t able to run the next day.  The Ninove meet was only three days after Gent, but thankfully my foot was feeling a lot better by the time the race came around. 

The race was a perfect set-up for me to run fast.  There were quite a few faster women in the race, and there was a pacer going out in 4:14.  The weather was sunny and the wind was still.  Although there was a lot of jostling the first 2 laps, I only was really cut off once, and I made that lady pay by leaving some spike marks on her calf.  After coming through the 800m in about 2:16, I hung on for dear life, and was able to finish pretty strong.  I didn’t pass anyone the last lap, but I didn’t get passed either.

After the race, I had enjoyed a hamburger, crepes, and a cold beer.  So good.

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