Monday, March 11, 2013

Spoiled at Gate River Run

The Gate River Run makes me want to be a road runner!  Too bad I’m better on the track and cross country course.  For track and cross country races, Team USA Minnesota pays for the flight, hotel, and car rental, while I pay for the food, entry fee, and any other miscellaneous costs.  For this race, the meet paid for the tickets of a lot of athletes, picked up and dropped us off at a hotel, gave us hotel rooms, had a hospitality room with breakfast and lunch food, hosted a catered dinner at the race directors house after the race, rented out a bar with fire dancers for entertainment that night, AND gave individual and team prize money.

As for me, I ran a solid race.  Nothing too exciting, but a good first 15k effort.  Just like in our training runs, Meghan and I switched off pulling each other along.  Meghan finished a few second ahead of me in 16th, and I was 17th.  Ladia had a solid race, finishing 13th, and Mckenzie was close behind me.  We finished 3rd as a team, so thankfully we came away with a little money, even though we didn’t get any individual money.

I took advantage of being in the warm weather, and stayed a couple extra days to be a tourist with Meghan and her family.  We went to the beach, visited the town of St. Augustine, and did homework next to the pool. 


Um, and they gave us food and drink after the race! Sandwiches, Krispy Kremes, bagels, hot dogs, coffee and beer…..


I got to see Matt Llano, who left Minnesota for Flagstaff, AZ.  What?!?!? Who would do such a thing?




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