Friday, April 26, 2013

April Winter

This has been a tough last few weeks for me in Minnesota.  The month started out well, with a week spent in San Diego, Palo Alto, and Berkeley, and a 5k PR 5000m at the Stanford Invitational (15:48).  I thought my sunny weather escape would get me through the end of winter in Minnesota, but this has not been the case.  Soon after I returned, it snowed.  Okay, fine.  Not unusual in early April, although we had all hoped March was the end of winter.  But the weather stayed cold, dark, and gloomy.  Then it snowed again and stuck around for a while.  And still no sun.  I need some Vitamin D, Mother Nature!  The month continued, and it snowed again. Still dark and gloomy though all of April!  Such a long month of bad weather.  Finally, as I’m leaving for Palo Alto and the Payton Jordan meet, we are having a beautiful, warm, spring day, and I really, really hope this California trip will be the end of the winter. 

I’m sorry to complain about the weather.  I grew up in Minneapolis, and I am used to the cold and darkness.  I understand some whining from transplanted people, but there usually seems to be no need beyond some communal grumbling from the natives.  But having it last so long seemed to be bringing everyone down.  My friends all complained about feeling fatigued, sad, and grumpy, and I completely agreed. 

On top of the weather, a couple personal incidents have left me reeling.  One of my relatives tried to end his life.   I am so thankful he was not successful, but I have a heavy heart thinking about the pain he must have been living with every day, as well as the agony his family must be going through.  Our extended family must not have enough endorphins, because a few of us, including myself, have had to take anti-depressant medication.  I cannot imagine trying to survive each day if that medication did not work.  At the same time, a relationship abruptly ended, leaving me hurt and confused.

In addition, the Boston Marathon bombings were difficult to handle.  Terrorist attacks are always scary, but this hit closer to home as a member of the running community and because I knew many people running that weekend.  Thankfully no one I knew was physically injured, although they were still mentally affected.

Although it has been a mentally hard month, my physical training has been going well, and I am so excited to compete in a deep steeplechase field at Payton Jordan.  I am feeling stronger and more fit than last year, and I think I’m ready for a big PR!

Stanford Invitational 5k Results:

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