Thursday, June 13, 2013


                I am so relieved! I have some pop back in my legs.  The last month has been a long one full of unsatisfactory workouts, gloomy skies, and difficult family news (yes, more).  After taking a couple weeks to elliptical, my body had a hard time running fast again.  I knew if I went into Outdoor Track Nationals feeling like I was, I wouldn’t have a chance of making finals.  I tried everything to turn things around: ice baths, supplements, tanning, acupuncture for my energy system, stopping weightlifting, naps, buying a sun lamp, tea, running in nature, massage, and the old soccer trick of hanging out with my legs propped up against the wall to get blood moving.  I’m not sure what worked, but I am feeling ready to go again.  This day next week I will be running prelims!

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