Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Belgian Good Times

Okay, my last blog post was not very optimistic.  While a couple big things haven’t gone well, many more experiences have been great.  I am so lucky to be able to run, to get to run as a profession, and especially to compete in Europe as part of my season.  Here are a few of the awesome experiences I have had: getting a buddy past from my cousin Troy to fly to Europe, flying first class between New York and Brussels, drinking a mimosa while watching the office on the flight, hanging out with Heather Kampf and Elizabeth Yetzer in Leuven, two of my good friends and fellow Minnesota alumni, having time to read, knowing my way around Leuven from last year, drinking Campari and orange juice while having dinner with Hassan Mead, meeting fellow American steeplechaser Joanna Murphy and hearing about her experience working in the running shoe industry, eating dinner nightly with the Athletes in Action group, meeting other American professional runner like Matt Elliot and Chanelle Price, visiting the Leuven art museum, finding the Leuven city garden, running with American steeplers Aisha Praught and Stephanie Garcia, eating Speculos (mashed cookie spread), discussing funding opportunities outside of shoe companies with David Jankowski, running in the Leuven forest, finding sausage at the Leuven farmer’s market, and eating Belgium pastries. 
                                                        Me, Elizabeth, Heather
                                              Joanna Murphy, Katie Porath, Me, Elizabeth Yetzer

                                                               AIA Group

                                                  People in Europe actually like to watch Track...

                                                    Leuven City Hostel

                                             Not a lot of space in the hostel rooms.

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