Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dream Come True

                     Beautiful stadium with view of Mediterranean Sea and Monaco cliffs.

I had a blast running at Monaco. The stadium was filled, the music was blaring, and the weather was beautiful. Boys and girls were lined up along the railing reaching, begging, pleading for an autograph or a high-five from us steeple women as we did strides and drills before the race.  I never would have imagined getting to compete in front of thousands of people with some of the best athletes in the world. It was a dream come true.

                                                                The stands are full!!

                      Fireworks at the end of the meet.  They know how to keep people happy. 

I was at a really good place mentally.  I was ready to enjoy the experience, and my body felt ready to go.  I was ready to be ecstatic about going to Worlds, but i was also just as ready for Shalaya to get the standard.  Unfortunately, my body didn't feel great d it ing the race, and I ran 9:49.  And, Shalaya ran a tough race and got the 'A' standard, so she will go to worlds.

I am frustrated because I haven't come close to running my PR again this year.  I felt so good running that Payton Jordan race, I know I have that race again in me, and faster ones, but it hasn't clicked again yet this season.  I'm also disappointed I have gotten to run so few track races this year.  I was hoping to get some more PRs in other events. My 3k flat PR is only 10 seconds faster than my steeple PR for crying out loud.  But I'm being reminded by all the wise people in my life that is has been a long year, I've made great strides in cross country, and it is so cool that 9:49 is a disappointing race for me now. I've had to learn many things the hard way this track season without an agent, so I will learn the ropes that much better next year.

I'm trying to decide the rest of my schedule. I'll run either the 1500m or steeple at Ninove, and probably take a break from there.

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