Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hello all,

I'm writing from the fabulous Fairmont Hotel, getting pumped for my first Diamond League meet in Monaco. I have heard Diamond League meets take care of the athletes, and so far this rings very true.  I was picked up from the airport, driven to a fancy hotel that overlooks the sea, and, most importantly, given vouchers for my next five meals.

The traveling today was tough. The passengers of the Brussels flight headed to Nice were put on our airplane only to sit on the runway for an hour, circle Brussels for the next hour because of a computer glitch, land, sit on e plane for another half an hour, only to start the process over again on another plane. As people who know me well can attest, I get pretty grumpy when I am hungry. I hadn't packed my usual bag of snacks for the flight, since it had appeared the airline was strict about the weight of luggage.  When we got on the second flight, I thought for sure they would give us a free lunch, since we had already taken one plane ride that ended up a fake-out. Bu, no.  Instead Brussels Airlines decided to make a pretty penny off their disgruntled passengers.  By the time the food cart got to me, the only food left was a Euro version of Ramen noodles in a plastic cup, a food I haven't seen consumed since it was the cool thing to bring for lunch in fifth grade.  So, I ended up paying 4 euros for my weeks worth of sodium, and my appetite was only slightly sated.

But I am here now. I did a shake out at th track, and it was as beautiful as the pictures my dad sent me  as soon as we found out I had made it into the meet.  Thankfully, I felt good during the warm-up, and am hoping for a positive race tomorrow.

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