Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Last Meet of 2013 Track Season

A week after the Monaco meet, on July 27th, I ran my last track meet of the season in Ninove, Belgium.  I was frustrated with my running coming out of Monaco, and my workouts leading up to Ninove did not make me feel any more confident.  Unsurprisingly, the meet did not go well. I felt strong at 9:40 pace the first three laps, took the lead the forth lap and picked up the pace, then died the last three laps to run 9:50.  Now I know it is great that I can now hit 9:50 feeling like my limbs are made of cement, but I was disappointed to end my season so far away from how I was running earlier this year. 

                                                              Lots of women in the race.

                                                          I was leading.  For a little bit....

At least I got to catch up with steepler Lennie Waitte, meet Beverly Ramos, chat with Aisha Praught, Stephanie Garcia, and Chontelle Groenwold, 800m specialist Chanelle Price, and fellow Brooks runners Matt Elliott and Jake Riley.  And, of course, the great AIA group.  Katie Porada, Illinois speedster, ran a 1500m PR in4:18.  I always have fun talking with such strong, badass athletes, especially in the relaxed European track setting.


We also got the pleasure of a beautiful Belgium evening, and I was lucky to receive wonderful hospitality from the meet.  I found my way on-time to Ninove with New Balance Pacers' athlete Frank DeVar and his coach, Dustin. But once we reached the train station, we were not entirely sure how to get to the track. Thankfully, we were able to jump into the rotation of meet officials picking up the athletes at the train station. As the meet was wrapping up, the three of us realized we didn't exactly know how we were getting back to the station.  I went to ask a small group of women working at the meet if they knew about rides going to the train station.  Without a second of hesitation, one of the women rounded us up, got into her car, drove us to a farther train station so we didn't have to transfer, and then walked us through the train station to get to the right platform.  I could not believe her kindness, and I hope I am able to adopt at least a portion her generosity in the future.


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