Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cross Country Moving

On Sunday, October 13th, my dad picked me up in Otter Tail, Minnesota to begin our cross country journey to Seattle.  I had spent the last couple days in Minnesota celebrating the wedding of Gabe Anderson, my University of Minnesota and Team USA Minnesota teammate, and Justin Grunewald, also a former gopher runner.  The wedding was awesome. Everyone was delighted to see a couple who has gone through a lot together be in such a solid spot on their wedding day. Many of my best friends were there, as well as friends who I greatly respect but don't get to see very often.  The best part of the weekend was dancing from first to last song on a full dance floor, and then hearing everyone chant for more.  I had a hard time leaving from such a fun day, but I was thankful to be part of it.

My dad was kind enough to accompany me on my move.  We made the drive with my '99 Camry, packed to the brim.  The poor guy didn’t have enough space to push the seat back to fit his long legs, but he didn’t complain. The first night we spent in Miles City Montana, where I did some scary running on a dark highway in the rain.  The second day we made it to somewhere in Eastern Washington, after a day filled with scenic views from mountain tops.  I was astounded by the beauty of nature we saw passing through the Idaho panhandle, especially the Cote de’ Alene Lake. 

I’m rooming with John Holton, recent University of Minnesota graduate and stand-out 400m runner for the gophers.  He is also a recent replant in Seattle, so we can be overwhelmed together by the dense city.  Thankfully for me, he has already looked at a couple places in Seattle; so on the day I got into Seattle, we looked at the basement unit of a duplex and signed the lease. 

I’m excited to explore my new home and get to know my new teammates!

                         Mike Cheever - what a guy!  We found the Fremont Troll in Seattle.

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