Friday, December 13, 2013

Club XC '13

Tomorrow I will run my second race as a Brooks Beast.  Our distance women’s crew is putting together a team for the club cross country championships in Bend, Oregon.   Although this race isn’t a huge deal in the elite running world in terms of money or prestige, it is so much fun to get to compete on a team.  Since graduating from college, the only times I have gotten to run for other people as been representing the U.S. or last year with Team USA Minnesota at club xc nationals.  There is something about competing for a team that can bring out the best in people, especially if they care for one another.  I am still getting to know my teammates (Angela Bizzari, Jessica Tebo, Deb Maier, and Brie Felnagle), but they are all awesome women, and I want to make them proud.

The course is a tough one – we are just about always going uphill or downhill on the course, and I was winded just doing the pre-meet.  But I do well with tough conditions and courses, so I’m excited!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Flotrack Videos of BBTC

When I visited the Brooks Beast Track Club in Mid-September, my visit coincided with Flotrack coming to do some filming of the team.  It was a glamorous experience having Ryan Fenton and a couple film guys follow the team around for three days, catching everything on camera.  Suddenly making a pot of coffee seemed a lot more important than usual because it was ON FILM.  As only a potential Beast, I was not the focus of the event, but I still felt pretty dang cool.  And of course, the Flotrack team did a wonderful job with the end product.  The videos capture our team’s goofiness, our inclusiveness, our competitiveness, and our hard work. 

Here they are!


Team Profile:


Also a cool interview with my coach, Danny Mackey: